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Best doctor for breast lump in Hyderabad

Dr. Bhaskar diagnoses and treats patients who have experienced breast changes, breast pain and benign, or noncancerous, breast problems. He has special training in breast health and relies on support from certified breast surgeons and specialized breast images, physician assistants and nurses.

Patients referred to the clinic will receive a consultation or second opinion for the following breast concerns and others not involving breast cancer

Abnormal mammograms, ultrasounds or MRIs or other breast-imaging tests

Breast lumps

Breast cysts

Breast pain

Breast injury

Nipple discharge

Redness or scaling of the nipple

Breast changes, including in the size or shape

Strong family history of breast cancer in asymptomatic patients

Males with abnormal breast enlargement and breast pain

Patients with inconclusive breast imaging or clinical findings.

Common benign conditions of the breast that are evaluated and treated include the following:

Fibroadenomas – Benign tumors found in the female breast. They are usually painless and feel like round, rubbery, slippery lumps that move freely in the breast when pushed.

  Fibrocystic changes – Breast changes, including tenderness, lumps or thickening of breast tissue, related to menstrual cycle hormone levels.

  Breast cysts – Fluid-filled sacs that usually occur in both breasts and feel like a lumps.

 Gynecomastia – A condition that causes tender, enlarged breasts, often with a lump beneath the nipple, in boys and men.

The following services are offered:

Personalized breast cancer risk assessment, including genetic education and counseling for individuals who meet certain criteria

Physical exam, including a breast exam

Breast imaging or screenings as needed

Nutritional, emotional and psychological support


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KJ Vinayak

Had gallbladder removal surgery. The staff and doctors are courteous and are available 24/7. The rooms were maintained cleanly.

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Bhushan Varaganti

My father had surgery for hernia under Dr Bhaskar sir. We felt very comfortable with the treatment and staff

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Rachana Neelapu

Dr.bhaskar sir treated well and nursing staff was excellent need to improve housing keeping service and canteen food should

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NVN Raju

Hi, We admitted in Srikara hospital at kompally, done my father hernia surgery by Dr. C Bhaskar sir. Had

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